Other Products

  • Anticorrosive Screw

    There are two types; self-drilling screw and sharp pointed screwMaterial : Stainless SteelSize : 39x25, 39x32P
  • Fire Door

    Manufactured with NevPanel panels, our fire doors are certified with International Certification.They can cust
  • Joint Tape

    Super fine and elastic woven joint tapeMaterial : %100 PolyesterGr : 42 Gr / m2 +- %5Width : 5 cmLength : 50 m
  • Jointing Paste

    Definition: A special water based jointing paste made for magnesium oxide NevPanel® construction panels.&n
  • NEVPANEL Multi Purpose Tape

    An auxiliary application member sold at 3mm x 5 cm size used for reinforcing acoustic and heat insulation....
  • Shaft Cover

    Shaft cover case and body is completely made with NevPanel panels.Covers are suitable for coating and laminati